Specialists in Veterinary Medicine

PetScripts pharmacists specialize solely in veterinary medicine, so we’re not distracted by human pharmacy issues and can focus on issues uniquely related to pet medication.

We’re highly skilled at preparing custom dosages in easy-to-administer formats. We’ve developed thousands of formulations and always come up with new ones to solve problems related to medicating pets.

Here are some of the dosage forms we routinely compound — these are by no means all of them — if you’re interested in other possibilities, please contact one of our helpful staff.


Oral Solutions or Suspensions (Flavored)

Many medications can be made into oral liquids, so there’s no reason to try to force a pill down your pet’s throat.

We make medicines not only easier to take but also more enjoyable, by flavoring oral solutions or suspensions with something your pet will find tasty.

If your pet takes several medications, we may be able to combine them in one liquid, to reduce the number of times you have to medicate and also to reduce cost — something both you and your pet can be pleased about. Contact us if you’d like help from a pharmacist to do this.

All oral liquids come with an Adapta-Cap bottle adapter and oral syringe, to make measuring easy and precise.

We use only the highest quality drugs that meet USP/NF (United States Pharmacopeia–National Formulary) standards.



If your pet’s medication is not available in a tablet or capsule containing the dose your veterinarian prescribes, we can compound the precise dosage needed into a capsule, so you don’t have to worry about splitting a larger dosage precisely or being exposed to the drug when handling it.

If your pet takes several medications, we may be able to combine them in a multi-drug capsule, to reduce the number of times you have to medicate and also to reduce cost.

We put dosages into the smallest capsules available to make it as easy as possible for your pet to swallow.

Transdermal Creams

Human medications such as pain relievers, birth control, and smoking cession drugs have been available in transdermal forms for quite some time.

In transdermal medication, drugs are mixed into a PLO (Pluronic Lecithin Organogel) gel or cream, which is applied to the skin. The gel allows the drug to be absorbed through the skin, which delivers it to the circulatory system, where it can take effect.

This method has become popular for veterinarians, because it offers clients a low-stress option for medicating their pets, which increases the odds that the pet will get medicated regularly. It also avoids side effects and drug interactions that can be a problem with oral administration.

Not all medications can be administered transdermally; contact us to discuss your pet’s medication and whether it can be made into this form.



We can make some medications into flavored treats with fish, chicken, beef, or any number of other favorites.

Treats are especially useful for delivering meds to a pet who does not like to be handled. They’re easy to leave for your pet to eat when you’ve left their space.

We package treats in individual blister packs to keep them fresh. These are great for traveling or for leaving the exact number of doses with the kennel or pet sitter while you’re out of town.